Mental Health Research

  • White matter structure in schizophrenia and autism: Abnormal diffusion across the brain in schizophrenia. 10/2019. View Project >
  • Validation of the MUSIC Model of Motivation Inventory for use with cognitive training for schizophrenia spectrum disorders: A multinational study. 12/2018. View Project >
  • Transdiagnostic Applicability of the MATRICS Consensus Cognitive Battery Across the Autism-Schizophrenia Spectrum. 07/2019. View Project >
  • The combined impact of social support and perceived stress on quality of life in adults with autism spectrum disorder and without intellectual disability. 06/2017. View Project >
  • Social cognition in early course schizophrenia: Exploratory factor analysis. 01/2019. View Project >
  • Reduced white matter integrity and deficits in neuropsychological functioning in adults with autism spectrum disorder. 02/2020. View Project >
  • Individual variation in brain network topology is linked to emotional intelligence. 04/2019. View Project >
  • Independent support for corticopallidal contributions to schizophrenia-related functional impairment. 12/2019. View Project >
  • Impaired regulation of emotional distractors during working memory load in schizophrenia. 12/2017. View Project >
  • Family perspectives on social-cognitive impairment in verbal individuals with autism spectrum disorder. 08/2019. View Project >
  • Exploring Relationships of Psychological Sense of Community with Self-Rated Health and Depressive Symptoms Among Older Chinese-Americans. 07/2018. View Project >
  • Establishing a standard emotion processing battery for treatment evaluation in adults with autism spectrum disorder: Evidence supporting the Mayer-Salovey-Caruso Emotion Intelligence Test (MSCEIT). 05/2019. View Project >.
  • Employment and Life Satisfaction among Middle- and Old-Aged Adults in China. 07/2018. View Project >
  • Effects of peer social interaction on performance during computerized cognitive remediation therapy in patients with early course schizophrenia: A pilot study. 09/2017. View Project >
  • Effectiveness of interventions for breast cancer screening in African American women: A meta-analysis. 11/2017. View Project >
  • Deciphering Altered Brain Connectivity in ASD to Improve Intervention; Autism Minority Supplement. 09/2009 to 05/2013. Shaun Eack, Ph.D. 
    Funded by: Pennsylvania Department of Health. Description: This study is examining the potential benefits of cognitive enhancement therapy (CET) in a minority sample of verbal adults with autism spectrum disorder. Adults from minority populations will be recruited and treated with CET for up to 18 months. Follow up will occur one year posttreatment. Comprehensive data on cognition and adaptive function will be collected to examine the potential benefits of CET and its acceptability for minority adults with autism. A total of nine minority adults with autism have been recruited and have begun treatment with CET.  Data collection is ongoing, and results on acceptability and efficacy will be forthcoming.
  • Cognitive Enhancement Therapy improves social relationships quality of life among individuals with schizophrenia misusing substances. 01/2019. View Project >
  • Cognitive Enhancement Therapy for adult autism spectrum disorder: Results of an 18-month randomized clinical trial. 12/2017. View Project >
  • Clinical psychopathology in youth at familial high risk for psychosis. 09/2017. View Project >
  • Cerebellar-prefrontal Network Connectivity and Negative Symptoms in Schizophrenia. 01/2019. View Project >
  • Are Schizophrenia and Autism Spectrum Disorder Diametrically Opposed Conditions? 10/2019. View Project >
  • An integrated neurocognitive and social-cognitive treatment for youth at clinical high risk for psychosis: Cognition for Learning and for Understanding Everyday Social Situations (CLUES), 02/2019. View Project >
  • Adapted Cognitive/Affective Rehabilitation for Substance Misuse in Schizophrenia. 09/2012 to 05/2016. Shaun Eack, Ph.D. Funded by: 
    National Institute on Drug Abuse. Description: This study aims to take the first step in integrating, adapting, and preliminarily testing a cognitive remediation (cognitive enhancement therapy [CET]) and affect regulation (personal therapy [PT]) intervention for patients with schizophrenia, many of whom are minorities and living in impoverished conditions, who are abusing cannabis and/or alcohol.  Patients will be randomized to CET/PT plus treatment as usual (TAU) or TAU alone and treated for 18 months. Treatment adherence, attendance, and satisfaction data will be collected throughout the trial to assess the feasibility and acceptability, and outcome data will be used to assess initial efficacy. A total of 32 substance abusing schizophrenia-50 percent of whom are racial minorities- have been enrolled and randomized to CET/PT (N = 22) or TAU (N = 10).  Individuals have begun treatment and preliminary efficacy testing.  Promising effects on cognition have been found for those receiving CET/PT.  Results about full treatment effects on functional outcomes are eagerly awaited.