Research Advisory Panels

High-quality, multidisciplinary, applied research is at the core of the Center’s mission. The Center provides social scientists with both an identity and a location for research and training on racial topics, in addition to aiding researchers with the development and external funding of their projects. Faculty associated with the Center conduct basic and applied studies, quantitative and qualitative data collection, and primary and secondary data analysis.

These Research Advisory Panels (RAPs) bring together faculty members with similar interests to work individually or in groups to develop new research initiatives.

Faculty are encouraged to focus on developing real-life solutions to the topics they address. Faculty affiliated with the center are organized into groups for each of the Center's areas of focus:

Youth Development RAP Chair: James Huguley (School of Social Work)

Health RAP Chair: Daniel Rosen (School of Social Work)

Law RAP Chair: Sheila Vélez Martinez (School of Law)

Mental Health RAP Chair: Shaun Eack (School of Social Work)

Older Adults RAP Chair: Fengyan Tang (School of Social Work)


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