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Dr. Jhacova Williams - Historical Lynchings and the Black Vote Today - October 20, 2020


Alexandra Killewald Alexandra Killewald

"The Past is Present: How Racial Wealth Gaps Perpetuate Across and Within Generations"

November 7, 2019

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Dr. Jhacova Williams, RAND Corporation. Historical Lynching and the Black Vote TodayView Video of Lecture > >


Alexandra Killewald Ph.D, Harvard University. The Past is Present: How Racial Wealth Gaps Perpetuate Across and Within GenerationsView Video of Lecture > >


Danyelle Solomon, Vice President, Race and Ethnicity Policy, Center for American Progress.The Racial Wealth GapView Video of Lecture > >


Bhashkar Mazumder, Ph.D., Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago. Black-White Differences in Intergenerational Economic Mobility in the United States. View Video of Lecture > >

Orlando Patterson, Ph.D., Harvard University., Try On the Outfit and Just See How It Works: The Psychocultural Responses of Disconnected Black Youth to Work. View Video of Lecture > >


Kathryn Edin, Ph.D., Harvard University, Kennedy School and Department of Sociology. How the Urban Poor Navigate Social Space: Lessons from Chicago's Gautreaux Mobility Program. View Video of Lecture > >


Frank Dobbin Ph.D., Harvard University. Effectiveness of Corporate Diversity Programs. View Video of Lecture > >


Ronald B. Mincy. Ph.D., Colombia University School of Social Work. The Experiences of Black Fathers with Low Incomes. View Video of Lecture > >

Andrew J. Cherlin Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University. Post-Welfare Outcomes for African Americans and Hispanics. View Video of Lecture > >


Esther L. Bush, Urban League of Greater Pittsburgh. The State of Black Pittsburgh. View Video of Lecture > >

Douglas S. Massey Ph.D., Princeton University: Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs. Segregation, The Concentration of Poverty, and Racial Stratification in the United States. View Video of Lecture > >

Doris Carson Williams, African American Chamber of Commerce of Western Pennsylvania. The Problem When Race Matters. View Video of Lecture > >

Arane Chebel d'Appollonia Ph.D., Sciences Po, Paris. Immigration and Racism in Europe: Old Prejudices, New Challenges. View Video of Lecture > >


Harry J. Holzer Ph.D., Georetown University Public Policy Institute. Employment Trends for Young Black Men: Causes and Policy Implications. View Video of Lecture > >


Glenn C. Loury Ph.D., Brown University. Racial Stigma: Towards a New Paradigm for Discrimination Theory. View Video of Lecture > >

Dalton Conley Ph.D., New York University. The Family Home as Level Playing Field--Not. View Video of Lecture > >


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