Past Events

Spring 2021

Eddie S. Glaude, PhD. James S. McDonnell Distinguished University Professor of African American Studies, Princeton University. "For Such a Time as This: Acknowledging and Leveraging African American Resilience, Fortitude, and Vibrancy for Local and National Change." Cosponsored by the African American Strategic Partnership. View Video of Lecture >>

"What Just Happened? Race, Justice, and Politics after the Capitol Siege." Panel discussion with Clyde Pickett - Vice Chancellor, Office for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion; Kristin Kanthak - Associate Professor, Department of Political Science; Thomas Farmer - Professor and Department Chair for Health and Human Development, School of Education; Tomar Pierson-Brown - Associate Dean for Equity and Inclusive Excellence, School of Law. Cosponsored by the Center on Race & Social Problems and the Office of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion. View Video of Lecture >>

Rachel Hardeman, Blue Cross Endowed Professor of Heath and Racial Equity, University of Minnesota. “Black Babies Matter: Physician-Patient Race Matches and Disparities in Birthing Mortality for Newborns." View Video of Lecture > >

John Diamond, PhD. Kellner Family Distinguished Chair in Urban Education, University of Wisconsin-Madison. "Reframing Suburbs: Understanding Issues of Racial Equity in Suburban Schools." View Video of Lecture >>

Fall 2020

Riana Elyse Anderson. Assistant Professor, Health Behavior & Health Education, University of Michigan. "Healing Racial Trauma: Racial Socialization as a Clinical Strategy for Black Youth." View Video of Lecture > >

Jhacova Williams, RAND Corporation. "Historical Lynchings and the Black Vote Today." View Video of Lecture > > 

Clare Malone. "Race, Voting, and the Major Political Parties." View Video of Lecture > > 

Dr. Gena Gunn McClendon, PhD, Bhavini Patel, and Ron Bandes. "Voting Rights Panel." View Video of Lecture > > 

Larry E. Davis, Dean Emeritus and Founder of the Center on Race & Social Problems. "Will Race Always Matter?" This American Experience Distinguished Lecture is sponsored by: The Dick Thornburgh Forum for Law & Public Policy and the University Honors College. Co-sponsored by the Institute of Politics, the School of Social Work, and The Center on Race and Social Problems at the University of Pittsburgh. View Video of Lecture >>

Spring/Summer 2020

Daphne C. Watkins, Professor & Director, Vivian A. & James L. Curtis Center for Health Equity Research and Training, University of Michigan. "#Black​ Men: Resourceful and Resilient in the Face of Adversity" View Video of Lecture > >

David Harris, Sally Ann Semenko Endowed Chair and Professor of Law, University of Pittsburgh School of Law. "Race and Policing - What We Can Do." View Video of Lecture > >

Richard M. Lee, Distinguished McKnight University Professor and Morse-Alumni Distinguished University Teaching Professor, University of Minnesota. "Xenophobia and Covid-19." View Video of Lecture > >

Thomas A. LaVeist, PhD. Dean of the School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine, Tulane University. "Race, Health and Covid-19: Lessons from New Orleans." View Video of Lecture > >

Desmond Patton, Colombia University. "Confronting Racial Bias in Social Media Data and AI Tools against Gun Violence" View Video of Lecture > > 

Daina Berry, University of Texas at Austin. "A Black Women's History of the United States" View Video of Lecture > > 

Daren Graves, Simmons University, and Scott Seider, Boston College. “Schooling for Critical Consciousness: Engaging Black and Latinx Youth in Analyzing, Navigating, and Challenging Racial Injustice.”  View Video of Lecture > >

Fall 2019

Larry E. Davis, Dean Emeritus, Donald M. Henderson Chair and Professor School of Social Work and Director Emeritus, Center on Race and Social Problems, University of Pittsburgh. “A Conversation on Race.”  View Video of Lecture > >

Alexandra Filindra, Associate Professor of Political Science and Psychology, University of Illinois at Chicago. “Race, Rights, & Rifles.”  View Video of Lecture > >

Alexandra Killewald, Professor of Sociociology, and Chair of PhD Program in Social Policy, Harvard University. “The Past Is Present: How Racial Wealth Gaps Perpetuate Across and Within Generations.”  View Video of Lecture > > 

Michael A Lindsey. Executive Director, NYU McSilver Institute, NYU Silver School of Social Work, New York University, and Aspen Health Innovator Fellow, The Aspen Institute. “Ring the Alarm: A Mental Health Crisis of Black Youth.”  View Video of Lecture > >

Spring 2019

Ronald Wright, Needham Yancey Gulley Professor of Criminal Law, Wake Forest University. “Public Records and Racial Disparities in Jury Selection.”  View Video of Lecture > >

David M Schribman, Journalist. “Thoughts on Race, on Ethnicity, on Everything from the Other Side of the Editor’s Desk”  View Video of Lecture > >

Fall 2018

Douglas S Massey, Office of Population Research, Princeton University. “Trends, Causes, and Consequences of Residential Segregation.”  View Video of Lecture > >

Danyelle Solomon, Vice President, Race and Ethnicity Policy, Center for American Progress. "The Racial Wealth Gap." View Video of Lecture > >

Howard Hogan, Chief Demographer, U.S. Census Bureau. “Measuring and Projecting Race: What Official Statistics Can and Cannot Tell Us.”  View Video of Lecture > >

Spring 2018

Chancellor Emeritus Mark A. Nordenberg, Chair of the Institute of Politics; Frederick W. Thieman, former US Attorney and Henry Buhl Chair for Civic Leadership at the Buhl Foundation; and Edward P. Mulvey, Professor of Psychiatry and Criminal Justice Coordinator. "Criminal Justice in the 21st Century." View Video of Lecture >>

Waverly Duck, Associate Professor, Department of Sociology, University of Pittsburgh. "No Way Out: Precarious Living in the Shadow of Poverty." View Video of Lecture>>

Camille Zubrinsky Charles, PhD, Walter H. and Leonore C. Annenberg Professor in the Social Sciences; Professor of Sociology, Africana Studies & Education; and Director, Center for Africana Studies,University of Pennsylvania. "The Real Record on Racial Attitudes." View Video of Lecture >>

Fall 2017

Ekow Yankah, Professor of Law, Yeshiva University. "Punishment, Race, and Social Bonds: A History of Law Enforcement in America."  View Video of Lecture > > 

Thomas Shapiro, Pokross Professor of Law and Social Policy and Director, Institute on Assets and Social Policy, Brandeis University. "Toxic Inequality." View Video of Lecture >>

Kevin Thomas, Sociology, Demography, and African Studies, Pennsylvania State University. "Parental human-capital, low skilled jobs, and racial disparities in child poverty in immigrant families". View Video of Lecture >>

Littisha Bates, Associate Professor of Sociology, University of Cincinnati. “Navigating Schools Inequality: How Parents Pursue Magnet School Admissions.” View Video of Lecture >>

Spring 2017

Jasmine B. Gonzales Rose, Assistant Professor of Law,  University of Pittsburgh School of Law. "Objection! How Evidence Law Perpetuates Racism in the Courtroom." View Video of Lecture >>

Paul Croll, Associate Professor of Law, Associate Professor Sociology, Anthropology,& Social Welfare, Augustana College. "White Privilege: Not so Invisible Anymore." View Video of Lecture >>

Jason Q. Purnell, Assistant Professor, Brown School, Washington University in St. Louis. "For the Sake of All: Translating Evidence into Action for Community Health." View Video of Lecture >>

Michael Omi, Associate Professor, Asian American and Asian American Diaspora Studies, UC Berkeley. "Who Are You?:  Racial Classification and the Instability of Race." View Video of Lecture >>

Fall 2016

Frank Dobbin; Professor of Sociology, Harvard University. “Why Diversity Programs Don’t Work.” View Video of Lecture >>

Richard Rothstein; Research Associate, Economic Policy Institute. Residential Segregation – What are the Remedies?” View Video of Lecture >>

Maurita Bryant; Assistant Superintendent, Allegheny County Police. “Race and Gender in the Police: Beyond the Blue Uniform.” View Video of Lecture >>

James Huguley; Assistant Professor, University of Pittsburgh School of Social Work. “Just Discipline and the School to Prison Pipeline in Greater Pittsburgh: Local Challenges and Promising Solutions.” View Video of Lecture >>

Spring 2016

Pat K. Chew, Judge J. Quint Salmon and Anne Salmon Chaired Professor and Distinguished Faculty Scholar, University of Pittsburgh School of Law: "Myth of the Color-blind and Gender-blind Judge." View Video of Lecture >>  

Darrick Hamilton, Associate Professor, the New School. "Rhetoric vs. Reality: Neoliberal Thought and the Racial Wealth Gap." View Video of Lecture >>

Ralph Richard Banks, Jackson Eli Reynolds Professor of Law, Stanford Law School. "Is Marriage for White People?" View Video of Lecture >>

Elaine Weiss, National Coordinator, Broader Bolder Approach to Education Campaign, Economic Policy Institute. "Achievement Gaps - and the Toxic Interaction of Race, Poverty, and Segregation - Start Before Kindergarten." View Video of Lecture >>

Fall 2015

Cameron McLay, Chief of Police, City of Pittsburgh Bureau of Police."Policing Reform, Community, and Ethical Leadership." View Video of Lecture >>

Bhashkar Mazumder, Senior Economist, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago."Black/White Differences in Integenerational Economic Mobility in the United States." View Video of Lecture >>

Jacqueline Battalota, Attorney and Professor, Saint Xavier University. "Birth of a White Nation." View Video of Lecture >>

Tanya Hernandez, Professor of Law, Fordham University School of Law. "Multiracial in the Workplace: A New Kind of Discrimination?" View Video of Lecture >>

Spring 2015

Mary Pattillo, Harold Washington Professor; Professor of Sociology & African American Studies, Northwestern University. "The End of Black Metropolis?" View Video of Lecture >>

Gary Orfield, Distinguished Research Professor of Education, Law, Political Science and Urban Planning, Co-Director of the Civil Rights Project, University of California, Los Angeles. "The Crisis of College Access for Students of Color." View Video of Lecture >>

David Harris, Distinguished Faculty Scholar & Professor of Law, University of Pittsburgh. "The Collision of Race and Criminal Justice: Lessons from the Aftermath of Ferguson." View Video of Lecture >>

Orlando Patterson, John Cowles Professor of Sociology, Harvard University. "Try On The Outfit and Just See How It Works: The Psychocultural Responses of Disconnected Black Youth to Work." View Video of Lecture >>

Fall 2014

James Jackson, Professor, Psychology and Health Behavior & Health Education, Director, Institute for Social Research, University of Michigan."Understanding Racial and Ethnic Differences in Physical and Psychiatric Health."  View Video of Lecture >>

Alice Goffman, Assistant Professor of Sociology, University of Wisconsin-Madison. "On the Run: Fugitive Life in an American City." View Video of Lecture >>

Michael Sherraden, Benjamin E. Youngdahl Professor of Social Development, Washington University School of Social Work. "Building Assets for All: Research and Policy for Universal Children's Accounts." View Video of Lecture >>

Frederick Thieman, President, Buhl Foundation. "Reinventing the Criminal Justice System for the 21st Century." View Video of Lecture >>

Spring 2014

H. Richard Milner, Professor of Education, Helen Faison Professor of Urban Education, Director, Center for Urban Education, Editor-in-Chief, Urban Education, University of Pittsburgh. "Race, Equity, and Urban Education: Issues That Divide."  View Video of Lecture >>

William Perez, Associate Professor, School of Educational Studies, Claremont Graduate University. "Americans by Heart: Undocumented Latino Students and the Promise of Higher Education." View Video of Lecture >>

Thomas M. Shapiro, Director, Institute on Assets and Social Policy, Pokross Professor of Law and Social Policy, The Heller School for Social Policy and Management, Brandeis University. "Navigating Toxic Inequality." View Video of Lecture >>

Arline Geronimus, Professor, Health Behavior & Health Education, Associate Director & Research Professor, Population Studies Center, Institute for Social Research, University of Michigan. "Jedi Public Health: A Structural Approach to Eliminating Racial/Ethnic Health Inequality." View Video of Lecture >>

Fall 2013

Margery Austin Turner, Senior Vice President for Program Planning and Management, The Urban Institute. "A Glass Half Full? Discrimination against Minority Homeseekers." View Video of Lecture >>

William A Darity Jr., Arts & Sciences Professor of Public Policy, Professor of African and African-American Studies and Economics and Chair, Department of African and African American Studies, Director, Research Network on Racial and Ethnic Inequality, Duke University. "Stratification Economics: Implications for Understanding Inequality."

Yoonsun Choi, Associate Professor, School of Social Service Administration, University of Chicago. "Race and Culture in the Family: Their Impact on Youth Outcomes of Asian American Adolescents." View Video of Lecture >>

Patrick T Sharkey, Associate Professor of Sociology, New York University. "A Multigenerational Perspective on Neighborhoods and Racial Inequality." View Video of Lecture >>

Spring 2013

William M. Carter Jr., Dean and Professor of Law, University of Pittsburgh. "The Future of Affirmative Action." View Video of Lecture >>

Elijah Anderson, William K. Lanman Jr. Professor of Sociology, Yale University. "The Iconic Ghetto: Effects on Everyday Lives of African Americans." View Video of Lecture >>

Candi Castleberry-Singleton, Chief Inclusion and Diversity Officer, UPMC. "Delivering Culturally Competent Care and Addressing Technology: The New Health Care Disparity." View Video of Lecture >>

Gerald Early, Merle Kling Professor of Modern Letters, Department of English, Washington University in St. Louis. "Is Black Music Criminal?" View Video of Lecture >>

Fall 2012

Joe Feagin, Professor of Sociology, Texas A&M University. "Obama’s Campaigns and Presidency: No Postracial America." View Video of Lecture >>

Karina Walters, Professor of Social Work and William P. and Ruth Gerberding-Endowed University Professor, University of Washington. “Bodies Don’t Just Tell Stories, They Tell Histories: Embodiment of Historical Trauma and Microaggression Distress.” View Video of Lecture >>

Glenn Flores, Professor of Pediatrics, Clinical Sciences, and Public Health, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center. “The Successful Elimination of Racial/Ethnic Disparities in Children’s Health and Health Care." View Video of Lecture >>

Marcus Rediker, Distinguished Professor of History, University of Pittsburgh. “The Legacy of the Slave Ship.” View Video of Lecture >>

Spring 2012

Kathleen Short, Social, Economic, and Housing Statistics Division, U.S. Census Bureau. “The Supplemental Poverty Measure.” View Video of Lecture >>

Robert Sampson, Henry Ford II Professor of the Social Sciences; Director of the Social Sciences Program at the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study, Harvard University. “Inequality and the American City: Implications of the Neighborhood Effect.” View Video of Lecture >> 

Maria Krysan, Professor of Sociology, University of Illinois at Chicago. “Exploring Racial Residential Segregation with a Telescope and a Microscope.” View Video of Lecture >>

Monica Baskin, Assistant Professor, School of Public Health, University of Alabama at Birmingham. “Addressing Obesity in Black Communities: Is Food Justice the Answer?” View Video of Lecture >>

Fall 2011

Jeannette South-Paul, Andrew W. Mathieson Professor and Chair, Department of Family Medicine, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine. “Disparities in Health Care for Minorities: Institutional or Personal?” View Video of Lecture >>

Ira Katznelson, Professor of Political Science and History, Columbia University. “When Affirmative Action Was White: Further Reflections.” View Video of Lecture >>

Linda Lane, Superintendent, Pittsburgh Public Schools. “Equity Is Not an Office.” View Video of Lecture >>

Elizabeth Anderson, John Rawls Collegiate Professor of Philosophy and Women's Studies and Arthur F. Thurnau Professor, University of Michigan. “The Imperative of Integration: Race and Education.” View Video of Lecture >>

Spring 2011

Robert Hill, Vice Chancellor for Public Affairs, University of Pittsburgh. “The Intractable Career of James Crow III.” View Video of Lecture >>

Hazel Markus, Davis-Brack Professor in the Behavioral Sciences, and Paula Moya, Associate Professor of English, Stanford University. “Doing Race: 21 Essays for the 21st Century.” View Video of Lecture >>

John Dovidio, Professor of Psychology, Yale University. “Intergroup Relations/Implicit Bias.” View Video of Lecture >>

Kathryn Edin, Professor of Public Policy and Management, Harvard University. “How the Urban Poor Navigate Social Space: Lessons from Chicago's Gautreaux Mobility Program.” View Video of Lecture >>

Fall 2010

Alejandro de la Fuente,  Research Professor, University Center for International Studies, Department of  Research Professor, History, and Center for Latin American Studies, University of Pittsburgh. “Debates on Race and History in Contemporary Cuba.”  View Video of Lecture >>

Sumie Okazaki, Associate Professor of Counseling Psychology, New York University. “Race, Racism, and Mental Health in Asian American Communities.” View Video of Lecture >>

Philip M. Gleason, Senior Fellow, Mathematica.“Race, Class, and Student Achievement in KIPP Middle Schools.” View Video of Lecture >>

Tony Norman, Columnist, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. “Columnizing in a Post-racial World.” View Video of Lecture >>

Spring 2010

Marta Tienda, Professor of Sociology and Public Affairs, Princeton University. “Diversity and Its Discontents: Lessons from Higher Education." View Video of Lecture >>

Vincent Hutchings, Professor of Political Science, University of Michigan. “Wedge Politics: The Structure and Function of Racial Group Cues in American Politics.” View Video of Lecture >

Abby L. Ferber, Professor of Sociology and Director of the Matrix Center for the Advancement of Social Equity and Inclusion, University of Colorado at Colorado Springs. “There is More to Me than White: Moving from Whiteness Studies to Privilege Studies.” View Video of Lecture >>

Jonathan M. Hurwitz, Professor of Political Science, University of Pittsburgh. “Justice in America: The Separate Realities of Blacks and Whites.” View Video of Lecture >>

Fall 2009

Gary L. St. C. Oates, Associate Professor of Sociology, Bowling Green State University. “Examining Five Prominent Explanations for the Black/White School Achievement Gap.” View Video of Lecture >>

Irving A. Spergel, Professor Emeritus, University of Chicago School of Social Service Administration. “The Youth Gang Problem: A Comprehensive Community-wide Approach.”

Amanda E. Lewis, Associate Professor of Sociology, Emory University. “Despite the Best Intentions: Why Racial Inequality Persists in Good Schools.” View Video of Lecture >>

Kathy W. Humphrey, Vice Provost and Dean of Students, University of Pittsburgh. “Ethnicity and College Student Development: From Theory to Practice." View Video of Lecture >>

Spring 2009

Howard R. Hogan, Associate Director for Demographic Programs, United States Census Bureau. “Measuring Race and Ethnicity in a Changing, Multicultural America.” View Video of Lecture >

Mark Roth, Senior Staff Writer, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. “Not All Black and White: The Challenges of Covering Race in the Mass Media.” View Video of Lecture >>

David Takeuchi, Associate Dean for Research, University of Washington School of Social Work. “Discrimination and Its Health Consequences across Diverse Racial Groups.” View Video of Lecture >>

M. Belinda Tucker, Professor of Psychiatry and Biobehavioral Sciences, University of California, Los Angeles. “Marriage, Men, and Money: African American Women’s Continued Investment in the Romantic Ideal.” View Video of Lecture >>

Fall 2008

Daphna Oyserman, Research Professor, University of Michigan Institute for Social Research. “Harnessing Possible Selves: Identity-based Motivation and Improved Academic Attainment.” View Video of Lecture >>

Eduardo Bonilla-Silva, Professor of Sociology, Duke University. “Racism, Discrimination, Color Blindness, and Race Matters in Obamerica.” View Video of Lecture >>

Audrey J. Murrell, Associate Professor of Business Administration, Psychology, and Public and International Affairs, University of Pittsburgh. “Unfinished Business: The Impact of Race on Understanding Mentoring Relationships.” View Video of Lecture >>

David J. Herring, Professor of Law, University of Pittsburgh School of Law. “The Multiethnic Placement Act: Threat to Foster Child Safety and Well-being?” View Video of Lecture >>

Spring 2008

Kerry O'Donnell, President, Falk Foundation. “The Erosion of Civil Rights and Community Responses.” View Video of Lecture >>

Thomas M. Shapiro, Professor of Law and Social Policy, Brandeis University. “Assets for Change: Closing the Racial Wealth Gap.”

Devah Pager, Associate Professor of Sociology, Princeton University. “Race at Work: Discrimination against Black and Latino Job Seekers.”

Ronald B. Mincy, Professor of Social Policy and Social Work Practice, Columbia University. “The Experiences of Black Fathers with Low Incomes.” View Video of Lecture >>

Fall 2007

Carl C. Bell, President & CEO, Community Mental Health Council, Inc., Chicago. “Mental Health Risk Factors in Non-white Populations.” View Video of Lecture >>

Shaun L. Gabbidon, Professor of Criminal Justice, School of Public Affairs, Pennsylvania State University. “Shopping under Suspicion: Consumer Racial Profiling and Perceived Victimization.” View Video of Lecture >>

Andrew J. Cherlin, Professor of Public Policy, Department of Sociology, Johns Hopkins University. “Post-welfare Outcomes for African Americans and Hispanics.” View Video of Lecture >>

Sala Udin, President and CEO, Coro Center for Civic Leadership. “Challenges of Race, Poverty, and Sprawl.” View Video of Lecture >>

Spring 2007

Doris Carson Williams, President, African American Chamber of Commerce of Western Pennsylvania. “The Problem When Race Matters.” View Video of Lecture >>

Ariane Chebel d'Appollonia, Associate Senior Researcher, Center for the Study of Politics, Paris Institute of Political Sciences. “Immigration and Racism in Europe: Old Prejudices, New Challenges.” View Video of Lecture >>

Kathryn Neckerman, Associate Director, Institute for Social and Economic Research and Policy, Columbia University. “The Time Tax: Race and Spatial Equity in New York City.”

Elijah Anderson, Day Distinguished Professor of the Social Sciences and Professor of Sociology, University of Pennsylvania. “Poor, Young, Black, and Male: A Case for National Action?”

Fall 2006

Mark Roosevelt, Superintendent, Pittsburgh Public Schools. "The Intersection of Race and Educational Opportunity and Achievement." View Video of Lecture >>

Megan Sweeney, Professor, University of California at Los Angeles Department of Sociology. "Race, Ethnicity, and Divorce in the United States:  What Do We Know?"

Douglas Massey, Professor, Princeton University Department of Sociology. "Segregation, the Concentration of Poverty, and Racial Stratification in the United States." View Video of Lecture >>

Esther Bush, President and CEO, Urban League of Pittsburgh. "The State of Black Pittsburgh." View Video of Lecture >>

Spring 2006

Harry J. Holzer, Georgetown University Public Policy Institute. "Employment Trends for “Young Black Men: Causes and Policy Implications.” View Video of Lecture >>

Gwen Elliott, Founder and CEO, Gwen's Girls. “Empowering Girls: Gender-Specific Approaches for Productive Futures.” View Video of Lecture >>

Rich Schulz, University of Pittsburgh Center for Social and Urban Research. “Enhancing the Quality of Life of Latino, Black, and White Dementia Caregivers: The REACH II Randomized Controlled Trial.” View Video of Lecture >>

Orlando Patterson, Harvard University Department of Sociology. “Father Absence Among African-Americans.”

Fall 2005

Patricia Gurin, University of Michigan Institute for Social Research. "After Grutter and Gratz:  Challenges in Using Diversity Educationally." View Video of Lecture >>

Nancy Grote, University of Pittsburgh School of Social Work. "Overcoming Barriers to Care: Engagin Depressed, Disadvantaged, Minority Women in Evidence-based Treatments." View Video of Lecture >>

Joe Trotter, Carnegie Mellon University Department of History. "African American Urban History: The Value of Historical Perspectives on Race and Contemporary Social Problems."

Margaret Beale Spencer, University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education. "Brown's Legacy and Lessons fro Healthy Children."

Spring 2005

Lauren Resnick, University of Pittsburgh Learning Research Development Center."Shrinking the Achievement Gap: Academic and Social Intervention."

John Wallace, University of Pittsburgh School of Social Work. "Faith Matters: Race/Ethnicity, Religiosity and Drugs."

Dalton Conley, New York University Center for Advanced Social Science Research. "The Family Home as Level Playing Field--Not." View Video of Lecture >>

Glenn Loury, Boston University Department of Economics. "Racial Stigma: Toward a New Paradigm for Discrimination Theory." View Video of Lecture >>

Fall 2004

James Jackson, University of Michigan Institute for Social Research. “National Survey of American Life.” View Video of Lecture >>

Alfred Blumstein, Carnegie Mellon University School of Public Policy and Management. “Race and Incarceration.” View Video of Lecture >>

David Harris, University of Toledo College of Law. “Racial Profiling: A Common Sense Tool for the Post-9/11 World?” View Video of Lecture >>

Deirdre Royster, College of William and Mary, Department of Sociology. “Race and the Invisible Hand: How White Networks Exclude Black Men from Blue-Collar Jobs.”

Spring 2004

Larry Glasco, University of Pittsburgh Department of History. “The Hill District's Multiracial History.”

Willa Doswell, University of Pittsburgh School of Nursing. “Do Teenaged Girls Think Race Matters?”

Jerome Taylor, University of Pittsburgh Department of Africana Studies. “Racism: Roots, Fruits, and Remedies.”

Fall 2003

Eric Springer, Horty, Springer and Mattern, PC, and University of Pittsburgh School of Law and School of Public Health, Retired. “The Role of Compromise and the Development of American Race Relations.”

Joe Feagin, University of Florida Department of Sociology,Co-sponsored by the School of Social Work, The School of Law, and The Faculty and College of Arts and Sciences. “The Coming White Minority.” View Video of Lecture >>

Charlotte Brown, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, Department of Psychiatry. “Depression in African Americans: Attitudinal, Social, and Health System Barriers and Pathways to Care.”

Kathleen Blee, University of Pittsburgh Department of Sociology, and Professor Lu-in Wang, University of Pittsburgh School of Law. “Ordinary and Extraordinary Racism.”

Spring 2003

Janet Schofield, University of Pittsburgh Learning Research and Development Center & Department of Psychology. “School Desegregation and Intergroup Relations: Looking Back and Looking Forward.”

Ronnie Bryant, President and CEO Pittsburgh Regional Alliance. “The Social Implications of Urban Revitalization.”

Michael Sherraden, Professor, Washington University School of Social Work. “Asset-Building, Poverty, and Public Policy.”

Jody D. Armour, Professor, University of California Law School. “Black Hearts in White Minds: Where Bias Lives in Blame and Punishment.”

Ruth McRoy, Assoc. Dean for Research, Director of the Center for Social Work Research University of Texas at Austin School of Social Work. “Issues of Racial Disparities in Foster Care.”

Fall 2002

Larry E. Davis, University of Pittsburgh School of Social Work. “Predicting Positive Academic Intentions among African-American Males and Females.”

Aurora Jackson, University of Pittsburgh School of Social Work. “Single Black Mothers and Their Young Children: Work, Welfare, and Parenting?”

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