Monday February 8, 2016 12 pm to 2 pm
"Race is what I have always thought most about."

Dean Larry E. Davis will be at the Pitt Bookstore on Monday, February 8 from 12 pm to 2 pm to sign copies of his new book titled "Why Are They Angry With Us: Essays on Race" published in 2016 by Lyceum Books, Inc.

Reed Smith Spring 2016 Speaker Series

*All events begin at noon on the dates provided in 2017 Cathedral of Learning. No RSVP is required. Lunch is provided.*


Wednesday, January 27
Pat Chew: Myth of the Color-blind and Gender-blind Judge

Thursday, February 4
Darrick Hamilton: 
Rhetoric vs Reality: Neoliberal Thought and the Racial Wealth Gap

Thursday, March 3
Ralph Richard Banks:
 Is Marriage for White People?

Tuesday, April 12
Elaine Weiss: 
Achievement Gaps - the the Toxic Interaction of Race, Poverty, and Segregation - Start Before Kindergarten 


Fall 2015 Speaker Series: Tanya Hernandez

Click here to watch Tanya Hernandez's lecture:

"Multiracial in the Workplace - A New Kind of Discrimination?"

Tanya K. Hernandez is a Professor of Law at Fordham University School of Law. She received her A.B. from Brown University, and her J.D. from Yale Law School. Professor Hernandez's scholarly interest is in the study of comparative race relations and anti-discrimination law, and her work in that area has been published in the California Law Review, Cornell Law Review, Harvard Civil Rights Civil Liberties Law Review, the New York Times, and the Yale Law Journal amongst other publications.

Fall 2015 Speaker Series: Jacqueline Battalora

Click to view Dr. Battalora's talk:

"Birth of a White Nation"

Jacqueline Battalora was born in Edinburgh, Scotland and lived in Antwerp, Belgium for six years before her family relocated to Victoria, Texas. The experience of attending high school and middle school in Texas formed her understanding of race in America. While she is currently a lawyer and professor of sociology and criminal justice at Saint Xavier University, she is also a former Chicago Police officer. She holds a Ph.D. from Northwestern University and has been engaged in anti-racist training since the mid-1990s.


CRSP in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Dr. Anita Zuberi is featured in the Post-Gazette for her work on the Pittsburgh Neighborhood Distress and Health Study. The study reveals that Chartiers City - a majority African American neighborhood of 477 residents - has a poverty rate of 5.26%, a stable housing market, and highly rated housing conditions. Read this article to learn more.

To read the Pittsburgh Neighborhood Distress and Health Study: Neighborhood Profiles, click here.

Call For Student Papers

The Center on Race and Social Problems, through the School of Social Work, invites you to submit your paper addressing contemporary race-related issues. The center will award a $500 resource fund to the best papers submitted by an undergraduate, Master’s and PhD level student.

In this university-wide competition, CRSP is soliciting papers in the following areas:

  • Economic disparities
  • Education disparities
  • Intergroup race relations
  • Health
  • Mental Health
  • Criminal Justice
  • Youth, Families, and the Elderly


More detailed inofrmation can be found HERE

Fall 2015 Speaker Series: Bhashkar Mazumder

Click to view Dr. Mazumder's talk: "Black/White Differences in Intergenerational Economic Mobility in the United States"


Bhashkar "Bhash" Mazumder is a senior economist and research advisor in the economic research department and executive director of the Chicago Census Research Data Center at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago. As a member of the microeconomic team, Mazumder conducts research in labor economics, education and health. His research has been focused in three areas: intergenerational economic mobility; the long-term effects of poor health early in life; and black-white gaps in human capital development.


The Fall 2015 Speaker Series is made possible by the generosity of Buchanan, Ingersoll & Rooney, PC.

Pittsburgh's Racial Demographics 2015: Differences and Disparities

Pittsburgh’s Racial Demographics 2015: Differences and Disparities report is a follow-up to a similar 2007 report.  It provides indicators of quality of life by race and ethnicity for the Pittsburgh area and the nation. 

View the Full Report 

View the Executive Summary 

Watch the Press Release 




Fall 2015 Speaker Series: Police Chief Cameron McLay

Click to view Chief McLay's talk:
"Policing Reform, Community, and Ethical Leadership"

Chief Cameron McLay has made his career on results-driven ethical leadership. Since becoming Chief of the City of Pittsburgh Bureau of Police in September 2014, Chief McLay has drawn attention to the need for reform among police leadership and the need for building trust among community members. In his words, "Police reform is community reform. It is social-justice reform. And we all must join in."

The Fall 2015 Speaker Series is made possible by the generosity of Buchanan, Ingersoll & Rooney, PC.



During Spring Break 2016, CRSP will take ten students and three faculty/staff members to Cuba. This trip will be the culmination of a course on Cuban Social Policy Issues offered to graduate students through the School of Social Work.

More information can be found on the CRSP Study Abroad page