Center on Race and Social Problems

Externally Funded Projects

African American Non-Profit Leadership Project

01/2011 to 04/2012

A Call to Service: Faith-based Initiative Cluster Evaluation

01/2004 to 12/2006

A National Study of Minority and Women Business Contracting

06/2006 to 05/2008

Adapted Cognitive/Affective Rehabilitation for Substance Misuse in Schizophrenia

09/2012 to 05/2016

Allegheny County Jail Collaborative Evaluation Research: Follow-up Study of 300 Inmates

01/2004 to 08/2007

Combined Program in Social Work and Education Student Support Grant

01/2017 to 01/2019

Congregations Helping to Unite and Revitalize Congregations Holistically (CHURCH) Project: The Impact of Crime on Clergy and Congregations

05/2006 to 01/2007

Deciphering Altered Brain Connectivity in ASD to Improve Intervention; Autism Minority Supplement

09/2009 to 05/2013

Evaluation of the Pittsburgh Initiative to Reduce Crime

Forecasts for Alternative Designs for the Pittsburgh Promise

06/2008 to 05/2009

Improving High School and Post-High School Outcomes for African American Youth in Allegheny County

07/2003 to 04/2005

Increasing Institutional Identification of College Students as a Means of Improving Retention

09/2004 to 09/2007

Monitoring the Future: Drug Use and Lifestyles of American Youth

08/2010 to 07/2012

Parenting Matters? Examining the Value and Optimal Approaches of Family Engagement in Educating Students of Color

01/2016 to 01/2020

Photovoice: A Community Based Project to Involve Older Adult Methadone Clients in the Decisions that Affect Their Lives.

05/2005 to 02/2006