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Why Are They Angry With Us?

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Why Are They Angry With Us?

Davis, Larry E. (2016). Why Are They Angry With Us? Lyceum Books.

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University of Pittsburgh School of Social Work Dean Larry E. Davis’s new book, Why Are They Angry With Us? Essays on Race, addresses the unresolved questions and conflicts about race in America from both the author's personal and a professional perspective. Davis relates racial incidents, observations, and issues to explain the workings of race and racism in America; confronting taboo topics such as race and prison, immigration, and internalized racism.

The deaths of Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown that spawned the Black Lives Matter movement have put racial tensions in America in the spotlight. The collection of eight essays addresses the country’s deep misunderstandings about race, and attacks the core of many commonly held attitudes which contribute to racism in America.

The book responds to many of the timely, sensitive, and often uncomfortable conversations that are taking place on television, newspapers, Twitter, and in homes around the country.

“This book is for those who want to understand why race and color operate as they do in today’s world,” says Davis. “I envision this being used in classrooms and book clubs as a way to talk about racial topics that are sometimes difficult to address in everyday settings.” 

For Davis, this book is not only a collection of his work on race and race-related topics, but also deeply personal group of essays.

This book in some respects is a personal history of race and social science told through the eyes of a Black male who is also a social scientist.

The book has already garnered praise from Davis’s colleagues, James Herbert Williams from the University of Denver called it “an important contribution to the social sciences.”

Why Are They Angry With Us? Essay on Race was published by and can be purchased from Lyceum Books.