Center on Race and Social Problems

Dean Larry Davis comments on racial wealth gap

In the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette article titled "Report finds racial wealth gap hasn't recovered to pre-Great Recession levels," Dean Larry Davis offers his comments on the racial wealth gap:

"Larry Davis, dean of the University of Pittsburgh’s school of social work, said he sees the housing market as a key factor.

'Most people’s wealth is in their homes,' said Mr. Davis, who also directs the university’s Center on Race and Social Problems. 'That’s one of the main reasons blacks have come out with less. Not only do blacks have fewer homes, but in black neighborhoods the houses are worth less.

'My mother bought the house I grew up in in 1950 (in Saganaw, Mich.). When she died 50 years later, it was worth nothing. I gave it away to Catholic Charities. But if she had bought the house in a white neighborhood, it would have been worth something.'"

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