Center on Race and Social Problems

10 Year Anniversary Issue: Most Cited Articles from CRSP

"Each of the 10 articles selected for this issue was the most cited article in the year it was published."


1) "Racial Formation in Theory and Practice: The Case of Mexicans in the United States" by Douglass Massey (2009)

2) "Workplace Discrimination and Depressive Symptoms: A Study of Multi-Ethnic Hospital Employees" by Wizdom Powell Hammond, Marion Gillen and Irene H. Yen (2010)

3) "School-Based Racial and Gender Discrimination among African American Adolescents: Exploring Gender Variation in Frequency and Implications for Adjustment" by Courtney D. Cogburn, Tabbye M. Chavous, and Tiffany M. Griffin (2011)

4) "Origins of the New Latino Underclass" by Douglas S. Massey and Karen A. Pren (2012)

5) "Every Shut Eye, Ain’t Sleep”: The Role of Racism-Related Vigilance in Racial/Ethnic Disparities in Sleep Difficulty" by Margaret T. Hicken, Hedwig Lee, Jennifer Ailshire, Sarah A. Burgard, and David R. Williams (2013)

6) "The What, the Why, and the How: A Review of Racial Microaggressions Research in Psychology" by Gloria Wong, Annie O. Derthick, E. J. R. David, Anne Saw, and Sumie Okazaki (2014)

7) "Toward a Critical Pedagogy of Race: Ethnic Studies and Literacies of Power in High School Classrooms" by Cati V. de los Ríos, Jorge López, and Ernest Morrell (2015)

8) "Young, Black, and (Still) in the Red: Parental Wealth, Race, and Student Loan Debt" by Fenaba R. Addo, Jason N. Houle, and Daniel Simon (2016)

9) "Religious Social Support, Discrimination, and Psychiatric Disorders Among Black Adolescents" by Meredith O. Hope, Shervin Assaril Yasmin C. Cole-Lewis, and Cleopatra Howard Caldwell (2017) 

10) "They Are Clipping Our Wings”: Health Implications of Restrictive Immigrant Policies for Mexican-Origin Women in a Northern Border Community" by Alana M. W. LeBrón, Amy J. Schulz, Cindy Gamboa, Angela Reyes, Edna A. Viruell-Fuentes, and Barbara A. Israel (2018)