Center on Race and Social Problems

Lectures and Institutes


For over 15 years, the Center on Race and Social Problems has provided monthly in-person lectures on topics of Race and Social Problems from outstanding scholars in the field of social science and other disciplines. Click the links to your right to visit a full archive of lectures and institute keynote speakers.

Although our in-person audience is limited by space, with Zoom lectures currently the norm, we can accommodate a larger and geographically diverse audience. 

Additionally, our Summer Institutes are offered each summer for continuing education credits for social science, education, medical, criminal justice and law enforcement professionals.  Some of the headline lectures for these institutes are available in our archive.

With a focus on, but not limited to, the Pittsburgh region, the Center on Race and Social Problems serves the informational needs of the public, private, and nonprofit sectors. It provides the community with both data and technical assistance, conducts special studies on current issues, and disseminates research findings. Interested citizens can also use the Center’s seminars, lectures, and conferences to gather information or engage in dialogue on race-related issues. The center also uses its Web site, newsletters, papers, books, and workshops to disseminate current knowledge.