Center on Race and Social Problems

COVID-19 Resources and Opportunities for Communities of Color

Moments of crisis exacerbate injustices and hit vulnerable communities the hardest, including oppressed people of color. Currently, Black and Latinx peoples are experiencing devastating community health and economic effects as a result of COVID-19. Meanwhile, Asian communities are being targeted for intimidation and violent hate crimes - actions that have been inflamed by racist public rhetoric. These racially disproportionate challenges are built upon this country’s deep history of intergenerational racial oppression in economicscriminal justiceeducationhealth, and other domains. As such, these COVID-19 inequities require a collective and collaborative response. 

Below are several ways to get or stay involved in the fight for racial equity as it relates to the coronavirus. There are also some general resources for being well and for helping others to be well in this challenging season. We thank you for your partnership with the Center on Race, and we hope that you will join us in actively fighting for the rights and lives of people of color at this critical moment. Be safe, and be encouraged.

Racial Justice and Equity Supports and Resources:

General Resources and Support Opportunities: